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Mesa Arizona Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment

Do you experience chronic back pain or discomfort? Tried medications and muscle relaxers but still experience symptoms as a result of your degenerative disc disease? Interested in a more natural approach to your degenerative disc disease? Rose Canyon Health & Wellness is proud to offer natural degenerative disc disease treatment in Mesa, Arizona. Simply schedule your consultation with us to get started.

About Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease occurs when normal changes that take place in the discs of the spine resulting in pain, discomfort or other debilitating symptoms. Our spinal discs act like shock absorbers between the vertebrae of the spine, allowing the back to stay flexible. As we get older, this naturally occurs, however, certain patients may experience pain, stiffness, discomfort or other daily symptoms.

Mesa Degenerative Disc Disease Causes

Degeneration of our spinal discs is actually a natural occurrence that happens throughout our life, however in certain situations it can occur faster or result in more symptoms. The most common causes of degenerative disc disease include stress, tears and damage to the outer wall, eventually resulting in nerve pain. The discs of the spine also dry out over time, resulting in less padding between the vertebrae of the spine.

Benefits of Degenerative Disc Disease Therapy in Mesa

Suffering from degenerative disc disease can have quite an impact on a patient’s daily life, with typical degenerative disc disease treatment including over-the-counter medications, muscle relaxers, steroid shots and ultimately even surgery. These medications and treatment options can actually have short term side effects and long-term impacts on the patient’s life and health. Trigger point injections for degenerative disc disease treatment in Mesa, Arizona are a non-surgical, natural treatment option that can reduce the symptoms associated with the condition. Rose Canyon Health & Wellness also offers lifestyle, dietary and exercise guidance for degenerative disc disease along with natural pain supplements.

Start Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment in Mesa, AZ Today

Considering degenerative disc disease treatment near you in Mesa? Contact Rose Canyon Health & Wellness today, we would be more than happy to get you on our schedule for a consultation to determine the best treatment for your condition.