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Trigger Point Injections Mesa, Arizona

Do you experience chronic muscle pain in your arms, legs, lower back or even neck? Have you tried stretching, exercises and medications without much success? Interested in a more natural approach to your pain management? At Rose Canyon Health & Wellness we are happy to offer trigger point injections in Mesa, Arizona for our patients that experience pain or discomfort associated with trigger points. Trigger points form when the muscles cannot properly relax, often leading to uncomfortable symptoms. Trigger point injections are placed directly in these areas, allowing the muscle to relax, reducing the discomfort and pain experienced. Ready to start your trigger point injections in Mesa? Schedule your consultation with Rose Canyon Health & Wellness today.

Trigger Point Injections in Mesa, AZ

Trigger point injections are injections that are applied directly to the muscle in areas where the muscle is stressed, or tense. Many times, these spots cause irritation to the surrounding nerves, irritating the muscle, and sometimes resulting in severe pain.

The injection is inserted into the trigger point site, and usually with a full course of these injections, pain relief is long-term. This treatment is most often used in main muscle groups in back, neck, arms, and legs. In addition this treatment, we can help with fibromyalgia and tension headaches.

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Get Mesa Trigger Point Injections

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