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Our Mesa clinic provides integrative healthcare where the patient is the focus

Integrative/Functional Medicine in Mesa, AZ

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At Rose Canyon Health & Wellness, we foster a relationship with our patients in order to better understand their wellness goals.  During our consultation sessions, you’ll learn more about our integrative approach to medicine and how it allows us to provide exemplary, personalized care.

Understand the Root Causes

Diseases and illness are rarely the result of a single cause.  During initial sessions, we take the time to discuss not only your medical history, but also your lifestyle and how it may be affecting your health.  In combination with comprehensive testing, we can identify the underlying causes of your illness and create personalized goals of care.

Develop Your Personal Treatment Plan

Once your root causes have been identified, we will work together to develop a customized treatment plan that will help you achieve your wellness goals.  Together, we’ll have you on the path to healing.

Discover the Rose Canyon Health Difference

Rose Canyon Health and Wellness offers integrative healthcare to provide patients with health solutions and personalized care. We do more than simply treat physical ailments. As a part of our holistic approach, we address the emotional, spiritual, and mental health of our patients so that we may help them create whole-person wellness.

Our provider, Megan Haden, is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner in Mesa, Arizona. She is trained in both traditional and integrative medicine and is passionate about using her acquired knowledge to help create the best outcomes for her patients.  Ready to begin your journey to wellness? Contact us today!

What Our Patients Are Saying

I was feeling tired, had weight gain and just overall feeling sluggish. I was seen right away, had my blood work done to see where my hormones levels were and got put on bio- identical hormones. What a difference! I have energy and feel great! Everyone should get their hormones checked it not just for old people.

Lina G.
Lina G.

This has been a very positive experience and I’m grateful for the attention Megan has given me regarding my health. I will continue with her advice and recommendations regarding my health and well being.

Jane B.
Jane B.

I was nervous for my appointment. Never had a woman’s appointment and was apprehensive for sure. Megan was easy going and calmed my nerves and was super professional. Great experience! I read great reviews about her online and she didn’t let me down. I recommend her personalized service to anyone who asks! Thank you Megan.

Korinne S.
Korinne S.

Experience Personalized Healthcare

Interested in a more natural approach to your healthcare? Rose Canyon Health & Wellness is always accepting new patients. To learn more about our integrative approach to healthcare that we offer, please contact us at (602) 740-2021 . Ready to take the next step? Call us to schedule an appointment and learn what a personalized approach to healthcare can do for you.