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Direct Primary Care

Our Mesa clinic provides integrative healthcare where the patient is the focus

At Rose Canyon Health & Wellness, we offer a convenient and cost-effective way for you and your family to obtain quality healthcare. We utilize an innovative model for healthcare payments known as Direct Primary Care, allowing patients to pay a low monthly fee for our primary care services.

The Direct Primary Care model is endorsed by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) as a payment model that enables patients to obtain substantial medical savings and still receive high-end healthcare.

Our Direct Primary Care in Mesa, Arizona, allows our staff to spend more time with patients rather than managing billing paperwork, enabling staff to put our patients first. We would like to get to know you, and Direct Primary Care allows more time to make that happen. We believe that by strengthening engagement with our patients, we can provide better individualized and integrated healthcare.

Rose Canyon Health and Wellness wants to extend healthcare to people of all ages and incomes. Through our Direct Primary Care in Mesa, Arizona model, all our patients can obtain excellent, affordable, and personal primary health care. We have a plan that’s just right for you.

Our pricing plans for Direct Primary Care includes all essential health and wellness visits, including unlimited office visits. You deserve quality healthcare at an affordable, transparent price. Our plans have no deductibles, no copays, and consist of reasonable monthly fees.

If you’re looking for a simpler, more cost-effective way to obtain healthcare for you and your loved ones, our Direct Primary Care plans are precisely what you’ve been looking for. By extending the benefits of Direct Primary Care in Mesa, Arizona, to our patients, we hope to eliminate any worry you have about surprise healthcare bills and high costs.

Patients who participate in Direct Primary Care

receive the following benefits:

In short, our Direct Primary Care in Mesa, Arizona, benefits you by:

receive the following benefits:

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