About Our Mesa Nurse Practitioner

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Meet Your Mesa Health Care Provider:
Megan Haden FNP-C

Megan Haden is a board-certified family nurse practitioner in Mesa, Arizona who specializes in integrative and functional medicine. She has devoted her life to helping people understand and relieve chronic pain and illness. She has a passion for helping patients with autoimmune disorders, hormone imbalance, GI disorders, and pain naturally while also providing them with the primary care services they need.

Prior to becoming a Mesa nurse practitioner, Megan herself has suffered from chronic pain and has, to no avail, gone through treatments with traditional treatment plans, that just plain did not work. Her passion for incorporating natural remedies began when she was able to alleviate her own pain through alternative methods. From childhood, she suffered from frequent leg pain, and tirelessly went from one specialist to another. Each would prescribe traditional medication as the only solution, and each time they would fail to alleviate the pain, in some cases making it worse. After years of pain, Megan was finally able to find relief in alternative medicine. After years of research into the field, her passion is to share this type of integrative medicine with those who are suffering from similar circumstances.

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Why Integrative Medicine in Mesa, AZ?

In contrast to traditional medicine, integrative medicine addresses the body, mind, and soul through the perfect combination of western medicine and holistic care. We address each concern and develop your wellness journey through a series of short-term relief and long-term healing.

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