Mesa, AZ Employer Direct Primary Care

Affordable Primary Care for Mesa Employees

At Rose Canyon Health & Wellness, we believe people should have access to primary care that focuses on truly healing the body and addressing the root cause of problems. We understand that for many business owners, the cost of group insurance plans for their employees can be a bit difficult to afford. For this reason, we offer direct primary care for employers/employees at a low monthly cost. Our corporate direct primary care plans include unlimited office visits, extended appointments, telemedicine when appropriate or necessary and the majority of primary care services covered. At Rose Canyon Health & Wellness we take as much time as needed with each of our patients to understand current physical health, family history, and all necessary lab work.

Our Mesa Direct Primary Care Plans for Employers Include:

  • More time with your healthcare provider (Minimum appointment time 30 minutes)
  • Affordable healthcare plans
  • No long wait times
  • Unlimited office visits
  • Complete cost transparency
  • Zero copays
  • Convenient appointments using telemedicine
  • Discounts on other services such as supplements, weight loss programs, functional medicine programs, and more.
  • Text or email your provider directly for ongoing support

Why Employer Direct Primary Care?

By providing direct primary care for employers/employees in Mesa, Arizona we can make our services more affordable and accessible. Direct primary care allows us to avoid dealing with insurance companies, saving us a lot of time and money. Included in the monthly fee for employee direct primary care is unlimited integrative medical care. This includes a zero copay model for patients along with no prior authorization requirement; all are welcome. Our time at Rose Canyon Health & Wellness is spent truly hearing and understanding our patients and their needs.



Those that enroll 10 or more employees receive a 15% overall discount.


Unlimited office visits, extended appointments, telemedicine when appropriate, majority of primary care services covered.

$70 / month

Family of 4
(2 Adults / 2 Children)

Unlimited visits, extended appointments, telemedicine when appropriate, majority of primary care services are covered.

$150 / month

Additional child

This is for families that have more than 3 children 17 or under.

$25 / month

Direct primary care is not a substitute for health insurance. Coverage with a catastrophic health insurance plan is strongly advised.

Schedule Your Consultation

Interested in direct primary care for your employees in Mesa, AZ? Rose Canyon Health & Wellness would be happy to help! Schedule a consultation with Megan or call us at (602) 740-2021 and learn more about our employee direct primary care in Mesa, Arizona.