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A Guide to Mesa, AZ Direct Primary Care

Our Mesa clinic provides integrative healthcare where the patient is the focus

Direct primary care, also commonly referred to as “concierge primary care” is a newer alternative to the traditional insurance-based medical care and billing. With direct primary care, your doctor can spend more time with each patient and less time filing paperwork and arguing with insurance companies over coverage. At Rose Canyon Health & Wellness we are proud to offer direct primary care in Mesa, AZ and the surrounding communities. We believe that everyone deserves access to healthcare that focuses on healing the body, not masking the symptoms of underlying issues. We offer direct primary care for individuals, families and even employers depending upon your exact needs.

Direct primary care, also referred to as concierge primary care, is a popular alternative to traditional fee-for-service insurance billing. Most widely adopted in the individual market, the model allows doctors to spend more time with each patient as a result of smaller patient pools and less administrative paperwork. Employers can also take advantage of the benefits of direct primary care by offering access to their employee populations. It’s a convenient way to provide quality care, improve employee health and provide a competitive benefit for recruitment and retention.

About Mesa Direct Primary Care

At Rose Canyon Health & Wellness we offer direct primary care for individuals and families that have no insurance or costly insurance deductibles and copays. With direct primary care in Mesa, our patients pay a low monthly fee and receive unlimited primary care with Rose Canyon Health & Wellness. Offering direct primary care to families in our community allows more people to have access to low-cost, comprehensive primary care in their community. Individuals can receive direct primary care for $65-$95 a month depending upon different factors. Families can get plans starting at $150 a month. Additional children are only $25 a month.

About Direct Primary Care for Employers in Mesa

Along with offering Mesa, AZ direct primary care for families and individuals, we are also proud to offer direct primary care for employees/employers in Mesa, AZ. Direct primary care for employers allows your company to offer healthcare for your employees at a low monthly cost. For those with 10+ employees, we’re happy to offer a 15% discount.

Get Direct Primary Care in Mesa, AZ Today

Interested in direct primary care for yourself, your family or your employees? Contact Rose Canyon Health & Wellness today to learn more about our direct primary care plans in Mesa, Arizona.

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