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Cash-Friendly Family Care Practice Mesa, AZ

Are you or a loved one feeling under the weather but don’t have insurance to visit a healthcare provider in Mesa? Wishing there was a cash-friendly family care practice near you? At Rose Canyon Health & Wellness we are proud to offer affordable, cash-friendly healthcare in Mesa, Arizona. We offer direct primary care plans at a low monthly cost that allow our patients to receive the care that they need without having to have insurance or pay costly co-pays. Interested in scheduling an appointment at our cash-friendly practice in Mesa? Feel free to give us a call, we are always happy to help.

Why Mesa Self-Pay Healthcare?

For many people around the United States, healthcare costs can be quite a burden. Even those with insurance end up paying costly copays and deductibles. With self-pay appointments, our patients can receive the care they need at a low cost. Prior to your appointment, we recommend inquiring about direct primary care and the cost of an individual appointment with us.

Benefits of Cash-Only Healthcare Providers in Mesa

When it comes to cash-only healthcare there are various benefits for both the patient and the practice. By accepting patients without insurance and offering direct primary care, we can spend more time with each patient, truly understanding their health and ultimate goals. We spend less time dealing with paperwork and insurance companies as well. All around, offering cash-friendly appointments in Mesa allows us to provide amazing healthcare to more people in our community.

Direct Primary Care at Rose Canyon Health & Wellness

At Rose Canyon Health & Wellness we offer various direct primary care plans for individuals, families and employers. Plans start as low as $65 for individuals, $150 for families of 4 and employers with 10 or more employees can receive a discount. For more information, visit our Mesa direct primary care page or give us a call.

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