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Wrist Pain Treatment Mesa, AZ

Do you have a hard time carrying objects or using one of your arms? Does your wrist often hurt while resting or late at night? Do your wrists look swollen? Do your hands or fingers feel numb or tingly? Wrist pain is an extremely common complaint among people and Rose Canyon Health & Wellness would be happy to help! We offer a more natural approach to wrist pain treatment in Mesa, Arizona, attempting to address the root cause of your problem, not just masking your symptoms. Wondering why you experience wrist pain? Feel free to schedule a consultation with Rose Canyon Health & Wellness, we would be happy to diagnose your condition and create the perfect treatment plan for your symptoms.

About Wrist Pain

  • With the use of technology such as mobile devices, tablets and computers becoming more and more common among people, wrist pain becomes a more common complaint. Although overuse isn’t the only problem that can lead to wrist pain, it is one of the most common. Sprains, tendonitis, strains and overuse can also be a common cause. Common symptoms that accompany wrist pain include:


  • Inability To Carry Objects
  • Inability To Use Arm
  • Wrist Joint Deformity
  • Resting/Nighttime Wrist Pain
  • Persistent Wrist Pain
  • Inability To Straighten Joint
  • Wrist Swelling
  • Wrist/Hand/Finger Numbness
  • Wrist/Hand/Finger Tingling

Mesa Wrist Pain Causes

As humans, we use our wrists to do pretty much everything. Even using a computer puts strain on our wrists. There are various causes of which pain which can include:

  • Arthritis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Wrist Sprain
  • Wrist Tendonitis
  • Wrist Tenosynovitis
  • Wrist Fracture
  • Ganglion Cyst
  • Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
  • Carpal Boss
  • Overuse
  • Sports Injury

Benefits of Wrist Pain Treatment in Mesa

Due to the fact that we use our wrists so much for daily tasks, it can be quite debilitating to experience on a daily basis. Many sufferers of wrist pain take medications on a daily basis and even undergo surgery to correct the problem. At Rose Canyon Health & Wellness, we are proud to take a more natural approach. We offer natural pain supplements along with exercise, lifestyle and dietary guidance to reduce symptoms and improve overall life. Schedule your appointment with Rose Canyon Health & Wellness today to get started.

Start Wrist Pain Treatment in Mesa Today

Is your wrist pain getting in the way of your day-to-day life? Interested in starting Mesa, AZ wrist pain treatment? Schedule an appointment with Rose Canyon Health & Wellness today, we would be happy to determine the cause of your condition and create a treatment plan for your wrist pain.