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A Beginners Guide to the Immune System

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When it comes to the human body, your immune system is like antivirus software for your computer. The immune system is designed to defend against invaders and organisms that don’t belong in the body. Through a process known as the immune response, your immune system attacks any substances that “invade” the body and lead to sickness or even disease. The immune system is a multi-pronged system with various primary players, including:

The tonsils and the thymus: The thymus and tonsils are responsible for producing antibodies that attack foreign invaders.

The Lymphatic system: Is a network made of lymph nodes and vessels which are responsible for carrying lymph fluid, nutrients and waste material into the bloodstream. As the lymphatic system disperses fluid it is also filtered, trapping bacteria, viruses and other invaders. Lymphocytes (specialized white blood cells) are deployed to destroy anything invading the body.

Bone marrow: Is soft tissue which is found inside the long bones in the arms, legs, vertebrae and the pelvic bones in the body. Bone marrow produces red and white blood cells along with producing platelets and yellow marrow as well. Yellow marrow is responsible for producing some of the white blood cells necessary for a healthy immune system.

Spleen: The spleen is responsible for filtering the blood by excreting old/damaged cells or platelets.

White blood cells: Are created by bone marrow and are responsible for protecting your body from infection. If an infection develops in the body, the white blood cells rush to the rescue, attacking the invader.

About Autoimmune Disorders

When a patient has an overactive immune system, autoimmune disorders can form causing a wide range of complications and systems. At Rose Canyon Health & Wellness we are committed to treating the root cause of our patient’s autoimmune disorder, not simply masking the symptoms experienced due to the condition. Whether you experience lupus, gluten intolerance or even hashimotos, Rose Canyon Health & Wellness would be happy to provide autoimmune treatment in Mesa, Arizona.

Start Mesa, Arizona Autoimmune Treatment Today

Do you, a friend or a loved one suffer from a compromised immune system or autoimmune disorder? Interested in natural autoimmune treatment in Mesa, AZ? Contact Rose Canyon Health & Wellness today, we’re always accepting new patients and would be happy to provide autoimmune treatment nearby.

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