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Benefits of Cash-Friendly Practices in Mesa, Arizona?

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When it comes to healthcare, things can get pretty complicated, especially when it comes to insurance, copays, deductibles, billing and the other fun stuff. At Rose Canyon Health & Wellness, we understand these complications and are happy to offer cash-friendly appointments for our patients. We do so by offering various direct primary care plans for individuals (starting at $65, families of 5 starting at $150 and even employers/employees. Our cash-friendly practice in Mesa, Arizona allows patients to visit us many times as they need at one low monthly cost, no copays, no dealing with insurance.

About Cash Friendly Practices Near You

Cash-only doctors in Mesa, are also called direct-pay doctors or direct primary care doctors. More often than not they accept no insurance, however, in some cases, practices may take specific insurance providers and offer cash-options for other patients. While called cash-only practices, they often take checks, debit cards and most major credit cards, it simply means no insurance necessary in most cases.

The Benefits of Mesa Cash-Friendly Doctors

When it comes to cash doctors, there are quite a few benefits for them and the patient, including:

More Time With Patients

No doctor wants to spend 7 minutes with their patient, unfortunately that is the environment that has been created. By offering direct primary care/cash-friendly options, we spend more time with each patient, truly working on their overall health and wellbeing.

Less Time Billing

For the cash-only practice in Mesa, they also spend less time billing insurance companies, arguing over payments, etc. This allows us to focus on other tasks within the practice, saving us time and money.

Record Keeping

Ever wonder why your doctor is busy on a tablet the whole time you are visiting? Lots of notes are required to be reimbursed for your visit, requiring your doctor to spend more time writing than even listening. With cash-friendly practices, less record keeping is needed for reimbursement, allowing us to spend more time listening to you.

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