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Signs You May Need Mesa Hormone Imbalance Therapy

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Have you suddenly experienced a change in weight? Experiencing fatigue, temperature sensitivity, mood issues? Notice you are frequently urinating, excessively sweating or constantly hungry? You may be suffering from a hormonal imbalance. At Rose Canyon Health & Wellness, we take a natural approach to healthcare, making it our mission to find the root cause of an issue, not just mask the symptoms. We offer hormone treatment in Mesa, Arizona and are always happy to help.

Causes of Hormonal Imbalances

When it comes to hormonal imbalances, there are a vast number of factors and causes to take into account. Some of the most common causes of hormonal imbalances include an underactive thyroid (also known as hypothyroidism), an overactive thyroid (known as hyperthyroidism), diabetes, pregnancy, menopause and even birth control use, however, there are many more causes for men, women and even teens.

Common Hormone Imbalance Symptoms

When it comes to hormonal imbalances, there can be a wide range of symptoms depending upon the patient and the exact cause. For both men and women, these are the most common symptoms of a hormonal imbalance, however, you may experience additional symptoms as well.

  • fatigue
  • temperature sensitivity
  • constipation
  • frequent bowel movements
  • dry skin
  • puffy face
  • nervousness
  • anxiety
  • irritability
  • blurred vision
  • sweating
  • infertility
  • a fatty hump between the shoulders
  • rounded face
  • purple or pink stretch marks
  • unexplained weight loss
  • unexplained weight gain
  • increased/decreased heart rate
  • frequent urination
  • increased thirst
  • thinning, fine, brittle hair
  • increased hunger
  • depression
  • decreased libido/sex drive
  • muscle aches
  • muscle tenderness
  • muscle stiffness
  • muscle weakness
  • joint pain
  • joint stiffness
  • joint swelling

Women-Specific Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms

Due to the changes women experience each month and during their lifetime, there are certain hormonal imbalance symptoms specific to them, these include:

  • heavy/irregular periods
  • missed periods
  • no period
  • frequent period
  • excessive hair on the face, chin, or other parts of the body
  • acne on the face, chest, or upper back
  • thinning hair/hair loss
  • weight gain/trouble losing weight
  • skin darkening
  • skin tags
  • vaginal dryness
  • vaginal atrophy
  • painful sex
  • night sweats

Men-Specific Hormone Imbalance Symptoms

Testosterone can play a huge role in the development of a man, when levels are not adequate, certain symptoms may be experienced, such as:

  • development of breast tissue
  • decreased sex drive
  • infertility
  • decrease in facial/body hair growth
  • osteoporosis
  • difficulty concentrating
  • hot flashes
  • breast tenderness
  • erectile dysfunction
  • loss of muscle mass

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