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The Benefits of Staying Hydrated

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With the heat index reaching over 105 degrees this week in Mesa, Arizona, now is a better time than ever to discuss the importance of staying hydrated. At Rose Canyon Health & Wellness, we take a functional and integrative approach to treatment, diagnosing and addressing the root cause of a problem instead of simply trying to mask it with medication. Dehydration can play a major role in various ailments, conditions and diseases. Today, we’re discussing the benefits of staying hydrated. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact our primary care office in Mesa.

Staying Hydrated Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Were you aware that being dehydrated can actually lower your blood volume? This means that your heart has to work even harder to pump the reduced amount of blood in the body. This can cause a lack of oxygen in your cells, making everyday activities like walking up stairs or exercising much more difficult.

Staying Hydrated Improves Joint/Muscle Function

When you’re body is properly hydrated, the water inside and outside of the cells can actually provide adequate nutrients to the muscles and remove waste efficiently so that you can perform better. Water is also extremely important for joint lubrication and can reduce stiffness, discomfort and pain in patients that experience joint problems.

Staying Hydrated Cleanses the Body

When it comes to keeping your body clean, water is extremely important. The kidneys require water to properly filter waste from the body and excrete it through urine. Staying hydrated can also reduce the risk of urinary tract infections along with kidney stones.

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