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For the many people that have never suffered from seasonal allergies, the last few years has been a very big surprise for them. With pollen counts around the United States higher than ever, what can patients do? Many patients take antihistamine/allergy medications to reduce their allergies. These medications can have a variety of negative side-effects on the whole body. At Rose Canyon Health & Wellness, we take a more natural approach to allergy treatment in Mesa, Arizona and happy to provide tips for reducing allergies for our whole community..

Drink More Water

Did you know that being dehydrated and not drinking enough water can make your allergies worse? Dehydration and lack of water actually directly increases histamine in the body, increasing your allergies and symptoms, even the seasonal ones! We recommend drinking 11+ cups of water each day to ensure you stay hydrated and your allergies are reduced.

Reduce Inflammatory Foods

Were you aware that the foods you eat can also directly impact your seasonal allergies? There are many foods such as dairy and gluten that increase inflammation in the body, causing histamine to also become more elevated. An anti-inflammatory diet during your worst allergy symptoms can greatly reduce your issues. Rose Canyon Health & Wellness would be happy to help and can provide help with your diet.

Change Clothing

When you go outside, pollen can actually get trapped on your body and clothing. If you have spent time outside, we recommend removing your clothing, rinsing off and changing into new clothing. This can get the extra pollen off of your body and clothing, reducing any reaction to it.

Clean More

The inside of your home can also have a big impact on your seasonal allergies. We recommend dusting at least once a week along with vacuuming and sweeping floors. Patients with pets may need to do so more often.

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